Erasmus+ IVTA Denmark



Køge Business College is a major regional Educational Institution, which develops educational programs on many levels in close collaboration with businesses. KBC provides education and training to 1800 students,500 of which are in VET department and has around 210 staff mostly teachers and teaching consultants with an administration of normal size. KBC has a high cultural diversity hosting students from different backgrounds and countries, so we value multiculturalism and tolerance. We are open to community, organizing and participating in events involving different members, disseminating all activities and projects developed by our students. We want to guide our students towards a personal and professional harmonious development and in an active European citizenship and social inclusion. This partnership would bring a great contribution to prepare the necessary generations with open-minded mentality and with a better understanding of others cultures and other people’s needs and requirements. KBC has experience of working within an international setting and sharing, communicating effectively with colleagues across Europe. All our staff is involved to some extent in international education, in transnational projects and programs and we encourage in our students global citizenship, an awareness of the world around them, peace and international understanding.Voluntary work is extremely popular in Denmark-it is a part of Danish culture and volunteer opportunities for teenagers are enormous.There are Volunteering activities in our school and with the project we aim to involve most students and teachers to the volunteering process, to share and exchange our practices/experience with our project partners, to discover innovating to volunteering, ideas and methods, new forms and ways of volunteering, brining awareness to international volunteering activities.