Erasmus+ IVTA Project





This is a strategic partnership that focuses on increasing volunteering awareness among teenagers,on bringing awareness to international volunteering activities, by creating opportunities with social interaction and intercultural dialogue.We aim to do a call for action through raising awareness of volunteerism, adding an incentive to voluntary work, and creating an environment where teenagers can feel the sense of belonging.We aim to identify different models of international volunteering,share and confront ideas, practices and methods, highlight examples of good practices and innovations.We would like to support developing of teenagers’ basic skills/key competences and attitude towards voluntarism with creative, collaborative, communicative, think critically and problem solving technique.This project will strengthen the teenager’s appreciation of cultural diversity, sense of initiative and foster the understanding of equality throughout Europe, fostering stronger participation of young people in democratic and civic life in Europe.

The project will foster internationalisation of schools/participants and project activities will definitely add international value, strengthening the European dimension of the participating schools.Participants will meet, do voluntary work together, socialise with people from other countries and this will increase their intercultural awareness and break down cultural barriers. When teenagers and teachers get involved in volunteering and community activities, they also get a lot of personal rewards and feelings of achievement: role models, identity and connection, skills, self-confidence, mental health and wellbeing.Being more open to other cultural groups will provide for a respectful living together in our multi-cultural societies and a common Europe. Our project also aims to be a tool to enhance the social inclusion, empowerment of students with fewer opportunities and to contribute to social cohesion at large.

With reference toEU Youth Strategy by2019-2027our project will also focus on three areas of action:

-Engage, connect and empower.We aim to engage, connect and empower young people through non-formal/informal learning atEuropean/local levels in order to enable young people to develop/acquire their basic skills, essential key competences that contribute to their personal development and growth as individuals.

-We strive to enable young people to connect with, express their opinions, strengthen their sense of initiative and allow them to put their ideas into practice and have influence over project decisions, tackling challenges.

-Bringing awareness and fostering volunteering among teenagers and people in general, supporting teenagers in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences, promoting empowerment, opening the cross- sectoral cooperation, promoting active citizenship of the young people, increasing social inclusion, supporting lifelong learning of the competences are the aims of our project.