Erasmus+ IVTA Short Term Staff Meeting



The goal of the event is to discuss and negotiate the steps of the project in the face to face meeting, to analyze project’s program, activities, to evaluate and assess the project’s program as well as activities. Project Workshop with the aim to deal with research and analysis of previous volunteer experiences of all partners-to explore and develop new ways of volunteering in the field of international collaboration.

Learning Teaching Training Activity on the European instrument – Europass.

Learning Teaching Training Activity on eTwinning platform/ 

Twin Space.

Erasmus+ School Exchange Partnership
“Intercultural Volunteer Teenagers’ Awareness”
Nr. 2019-1-DK01-KA229-060249
Date: 08/12/2019-/12/2019
Venue: Køge Business College, Køge, Denmark

Participating partners:

▪ Irina Grauengaard, Køge, DENMARK
▪ Finn Arvid Olsson, Køge, DENMARK
▪ Henrik Flyge, Køge, DENMARK
▪ Inge Jakobsen, Køge, DENMARK
▪ Zulfija Guzienė, Siauliai, LITHUANIA
▪ Brigita Mažonavičienė, Siauliai, LITHUANIA
▪ Irena Kneižienė, Siauliai, LITHUANIA
▪ LINA Gouveia de Trindade FREITAS, Santana, PORTUGAL
▪ GRAÇA Maria Baptista de Freitas RODRIGUES, Santana, PORTUGAL
▪ Francisco José Valdivieso, Palma de Mallorca, SPAIN
▪ Tatiana D’Agosto, Palma de Mallorca, SPAIN
▪ Manuel Cerdó, Palma de Mallorca, SPAIN

Head of meeting: Finn Arvid Olsson, Political Economics Chief of Staff, Denmark

Minute taker: Irina Grauengaard, Project coordinator, Denmark1.
08-12-2019 (Sunday) Arrival of the partners.
09-12-2019 (Monday)
10:00 Pick up from hotel
10:30-11:00 Welcome at school Coffee/Tea break. Ice- breaking activities

11:00-12:00 Learning, training To get to know each other activities: Exploring history better and traditions of partner countries-Presentations of countries/cities/schools by all the partners.
12:00-13.00 Tour of the School. Visiting classes – an insight of the Danish Education system.
13:00 Lunch at school Køge Business College provides lunch.
14:00 17:00 Project Workshop. Discussing and negotiating the steps of the project, analyzing project’s program and activities, evaluating and assessing the project’s program and activities. Short- term exchanges of groups of pupils. (dates) Distribution of tasks and responsibilities.
16:00 Coffee/Tea break
17:00 Outdoor learning activities: Tour in the town. Cultural and historical tour of Køge – a cosy, medieval, small coastal town – Town hall square, Sankt Nikolai’s Church, a well- preserved old town.
10-12-2019 (Tuesday)
10:00 Pick up from hotel

10:30-11:30 Project Workshop. Project Workshop with the aim to deal with research and analysis of previous volunteer experiences of all partners-to explore and develop new ways of volunteering in the field of international collaboration
11:30-12:00 Coffee/Tea break Traditional Dansk wienerbrød (Danish pastry)
12:00-13.00 Project Workshop Zulfija eTwinning platform/ activity Guzienė eTwinning space – presentation of Lithuanian partner.Creating eTwinning space for the project..
13:00 Lunch at school Køge Business College provides lunch.
14:00 15:30 Project Workshop.European Instrument – Europass – presentation of the International project coordinator Inge Jakobsen
15:30-16:00 Evaluation of the project meeting.
16:00 Outdoor learning activities. A walking tour. Køge Harbour/Køge Marina
11-12-2019 (Wednesday)
10:00 Outdoor learning training activities: exploring history and traditions of Denmark. Cultural and historical trip to the capital -Copenhagen.
Amaliaborg Palace, Gefion Fountain, The Little Mermaid. Strøget – popular tourist
A walking tour. attraction in the centre of Copenhagen is one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe at 1.1 km.
Tivoli / Tivoli Gardens -amusement park in Copenhagen is a must for all visitors to the city.
12-12-2019 (Thursday)

2. Decisions
The steps of the project are discussed and negotiated and the dates of short-term exchanges of groups of pupils are established. Discussion took place around the better timing for visits as Lithuania requested a change in date due to poor weather in February. Group agreed as follows: Madeira, Portugal – February 9th-15th
Mallorca, Spain – October 18th – 24th
Lithuania – April 25th – May 1st
Denmark – June 20th – 24th

Madeira, Portugal
The topic for C2, LTTA on Madeira is “Intergeneration Link through Volunteering” Portuguese partner should plan and prepare volunteering actions in the center for old people, volunteering activity “Help 2 kids in need” in the kindergarten and volunteering outdoors- contribution in the preservation and conservation of Santana Madeira Biosfera heritage. The integrated Portuguese language lesson, Travel Manuals and Kahoot quiz about host country should be prepared.

All partners.
Introductions/presentations of the country, city, school, volunteering and youth life as well as videos of self-presentations should be created by the students to present during LTTA on Madeira.

Students create samples (digital and drawingA4) of project LOGO and present 2 of them with a short description during the LTTA on Madeira for LOGO competition.

It was decided by all the partners that the planned creation of the video-presentation “Intergenerational Link” will be created by the students not before the LTTA meeting, but after volunteering in the center for old people during the LTTA on Madeira as a video-report.

Mallorca, Spain.
Website of the project will be created by Francisco Jose Valdivieso (Spain), as he is an ICT teacher and the most experienced person in ICT and websites and Spanish partner will be responsible for its regular updating.

Madeira, Portugal
As we have changed the responsible partner for creation and updating of our project website, so the responsible for creation/development of Multilingual Dictionary was decided to make Portuguese partner.

Köge, Denmark.
Facebook group and Instagram account will be created by Danish partner and they will be responsible for regular updating of it. The coordinating country will be also responsible for Erasmus+ Magazines after each LTTA, collecting and organizing all the material for them.

Siualiu, Lithuania.
During the project workshop on eTwinning platform a eTwinning space for the project was created and our Lithuanian partner will be responsible for regular updating of it.

All partners.
After the project workshop on European Instrument – Europass, it was confirmed that Europass mobility documents for all participants of the project will be completed and signed after every project meeting.

Every activity connected to the project will be shared via social media group, google drive and e-twinning.

An Erasmus+ project corners should be created in open places that are visible to all pupils, teachers/school guests and they should be updated regularly and after every event for dissemination in each country.

Siualiu, Lithuania.
It was decided that Lithuanian partner is responsible for all evaluation program of the project and Lithuanian partner will organize evaluation instruments for every stage, as well as assessment surveys after all LTTA. They have prepared the evaluation of the kick-off meeting and all the partners will fill it up after the end of the meeting.

All partners.
As it was planned before, Spanish partner is responsible for Initial questionnaire and it was prepared by Francisco Jose Valdivieso and hared to all the partners on Edmodo platform. It was decided that 50 students, 10 parents, 20 teachers, 5 staff do the questionnaire and the results of it will be upload via social media group, google drive and twinning.

Volunteer Charity “Can Ring Pulls” Action has to be launched at each partner school. Spanish partners has already started it and shared with the all participants of the kick-off meeting their experience of it.

During the project workshop, discussing and analyzing the project partners’ previous volunteer experiences was decided to continue the exploration of the new ways of volunteering in the field of international collaboration and present the ideas during the project workshop, LTTA, on Madeira.

During the discussion ideas of the development and designing of our tangible output “Call to Action” guide with a slogan “Volunteering can be the best experience of your life!”, it was proposed by the project coordinator to create a guide in a form of a leaflet as well as a digital variant. It was decided to prepare ideas/ proposals of its contents for the LTTA meeting on Madeira.